Financial Planning

Financial Guidance

Some advisors use the financial plan as a sales tool; you provide a pile of information and they tell you what products you should buy from them. Victor Lough is a different kind of advisor.  Rather than providing you with pages of product pitches and worst case scenarios designed to convince you that you need the latest expensive financial product, you get a simple, easy to understand review.  We go over where you are today, where you’re trying to get to and what you need to get there.  As things change through the years we can review and revise this plan.

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Above Average

The plans I build are also very different from the “average” financial plan.  I don’t base your plan for you on your average return and average scenario for average performance.  Anyone with a financial calculator and five minutes can do that!  Instead I use actual historical market data and actual market returns.  Why guess and surmise when we can use facts? Using averages by definition means half the plans are going to fall short and half are going to have you far in excess.  The problem is you don’t know which half you’re in until its too late.  By using historical data you know exactly where you are and what it will take for you to reach your goals. You can sleep easy knowing that you have a professional plan that statistically stands the test of time.

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